If you are interested in alfubet enhancement we could use your help in several
ways ...                  

  • Write an interesting story using a single UNIFON character throughout the    story.

  • Teachers, critique the Readers Quiz. Will students learn the sounds using this   
    approach? Is there a better way to teach a sound/character match? Are
    the unifon_characters used accurately? Email responses.

  • Set aside money designated for the purpose of producing educational materials to teach, using  the UNIFON extended character set.

  • Create educational materials to be used to teach the UNIFON character set. Flash Cards, Games, etc. Feel free to send any created works our way for feedback and mutual inspiration!

  • Publish educational materials using the UNIFON  method. Feel free to post them on our website.

  • Create a UNIFON  keyboard for the PC or Macintosh.

  • Create voice activated software using the UNIFON  character set.

  • Translate or write an original science fiction work entirely into unifon_characters for publication.

  • John R. Malone for creating the UNIFON alphabet and for recognizing the value of it for educational purposes.

  • Artist April J. Lagarde. She was kind enough to design a font using the standard upper case.

  • Another similar font was created by James Torck for Greg Wright's website (created in 1995).

  • Web master Pat Katzenmaier for building this site pro bono and designing the current format.

  • John M. Culkin for his efforts to popularize alfubet reform and to Daniel J. Knip for continuing  to inspire that hope twenty years later.

  • Academic linguistic scholar Steve Bett for the expertise and creative ideas he contributed to this web site. Most of the "Linguistic" section are contributions from Dr. Bett.

  • Steve Bett charts and images he created. They can be found in various places on the website, like the one above on this page.

  • Neil Stewart for translating the poem, "The Cow"  by Robert Lewis Stevenson, The Tale of a Kite , A Wolf in the Basement  into UNIFON .

  • Kristin Frank for designing the first theme that was used for the web site from 2000 - 2005.

  • Bob Paddock for sharing his humor and his web page with UNIFON .

  • Paul Stought for his transcription ... "THE SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF". It is an excellent example of how easily one can learn UNIFON . And for his transcription of "Singer in the Shadows".

  • Scott White for creating the English to UNIFON dictionary and the Lookup application ... Lookup a word in UNIFON  / as well as a UNIFON Converter that translates large amounts of text into unifon_characters even if the UNIFON font is not downloaded.

  • CMU Pronuncing Dictionary for the original program for the dictionary.

  • Scott White for making the scrolling banner on the "Read in UNIFON" page visible in unifon_characters even if the font is not downloaded. 

  • Scott White for creating the eye appealing chart used on the "UNIFON Alphabet" Page.

  • Toby Peers for creating the UNIFON CONVERTER  and the WEB REFORMER . (No longer available) 

  • Lea Hernandez for using UNIFON in her comic series Rumble Girls.

  • Tyler Dykstra for creating the Roman-style UNIFON font (June, 2004)

  • Vic Fieger for his UNIFON font called Data Control  (choose "D" under "techno")

  • Ken Anderson for creating Educational Resources. And for creating the current fonts available on this website.

  • Ken Anderson for seaching for and finding the book "UNIFON:A Design for Teaching Reading" by Margaret Ratz (originally published in 1966) He edited the book and added an introduction. It is available on the Educational Resources page.

  • Thanks to Scott and Kristy White for creating the Sound/Flash cards

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